Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life at APA as a Dance Scholarship Student

APA Dance Scholarship Recipients Erika Martinez, Maria Plascencia, 
Tamera Irish, and Angela Marx ready to perform Bollywood.

It has only been a few months since the scholarship auditions took place at the Academy of Performing Arts Studios in San Diego and this dance experience has already made a big difference in my life. From ballet to Bollywood, I have been exposed to more dance styles in four months than I have ever been in my life.  This opportunity has made a big difference in my life, and it has given me a new perspective about what dance is really about.
I won’t deny it, coming in as a high school student into an adult setting filled with talented dancers was quite intimidating, but these are the type of situations that allow me to grow as a dancer. I knew I was going to be surrounded by talented people, and that’s definitely one of my favorite things about APA, the passion and talent these people share for dance. I know I don’t have the extensions or turn out some dancers in my classes have, but I know that having them as examples only pushes me further. It definitely makes my day when I see people from all over the age spectrum and backgrounds come together to do what they love and try to perfect it as much as possible. 
Dancing isn’t easy. Trust me, it is not easy. There will be times when I feel like giving up because I think I’ll never be good enough, and these are the times I need some inspiration.  Inspiration is definitely something I find at APA. There were times during the few months I have been on scholarship that I had a really bad day or something happened in my life that had my mind running in circles. Later on those days in my contemporary class they happen to teach a combination that is in sync to what was going on. It is a gift, to be able to end such a bad day with an awesome combination that makes you realize that things eventually get better. 
APA Dance Scholarship Recipient Maria Plascencia
In the three month period I have been a scholarship student at APA, I have been fortunate enough to take master classes from great teachers such as Tiffany Billings, Pablo Francisco Ruvalcaba, Mandy Kerr, and Michael John Saltus. From each of these teachers I took something special. They were all very different, yet rewarding classes. Apart from technique, I learned how to give my heart to the music and just dance.
                Overall, being a scholarship student at the Academy of Performing Arts has been an amazing opportunity I never imagined I would have. It has taught me more than how to properly point my foot or execute a switch leap. My understanding of the dance discipline and responsibilities has grown, which allowed me to mature overall.  I feel like I have been improving, but I still have a long way to go.  Regardless, I know that continuing my dance education at APA will help me reach my goals as a dancer and one day I’ll be the performer I’ve always wanted to be. 

By Maria Jose Plascencia

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

MASTER CLASS with TV/Film Choreographer LIZ IMPERIO for San Diego Dancers

Starting January, APA will be joining forces with, Los Angeles dance agent, Jim Keith's THE MOVEMENT for monthly Master Classes with Dance Industry Master Classes!! FIRST UP: Director/Choreographer LIZ IMPERO

Liz Imperio has established herself as a major director and choreographer in the entertainment industry, including the staging and choreography for Jennifer Lopez's "Live From Puerto Rico" concert; director/choreographer of Gloria Estefan's most recent concert tour; and three numbers for Madonna's "Re-invention Tour 2004".

A proud Cuban-American, Liz was born and raised in Hollywood, California. Her credits make her one of the most sought after choreographers in the business, including: "The Latin Grammys (last 3 years); American Music Awards; "United We Stand" with Michael Jackson and *NSYNC" (assoc. dir.); ABC's 50th Anniversary Celebration; Disney Channel's "Gotta Kick It Up"; James L. Brook's feature film "Spanglish", CBS TV series, "Dirty Dancing" and commercials for Jack In The Box, and many others.

Imperio has also choreographed music videos for Cher "If I Could Turn Back Time," Myra, Gloria Estefan, Bloodhound Gang, Selena, Garcia B, B & B, and MTV Rock and Jock.

Liz Imperio has trained such young stars as Hilary Duff, America Ferrera, Camille, Myra, and Valaria. Her most touching assignment was working closely with Gloria Estefan after her major accident years ago and not only assisted with the physical therapy to help her walk again, but later choreographed Gloria's comeback concert tour.

Liz Imperio's works have been commissioned all over the United States and Europe, having worked with such dance companies as: Gus Giordano Jazz Dance in Chicago; The Houston Metropolitan Dance Theatre; K-Broadway from Japan; and numerous European companies from Italy to England. Liz Imperio is very proud to be the Artistic Director and founder of her own Los Angeles-based dance company "Instincts--Live Media Dance".

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APA in San Diego

APA in San Diego
Scholarship students from mid-2005 photoshoot.