Monday, October 25, 2010

APA Presents "SHOWCASE 2010" - COMMERCIAL (Promo Reel)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Boogiezone Contemporary comes to La Mesa, CA



A new era is emerging. A social movement garnered by dancers of all styles and backgrounds and a growing interest in all things related to dance by fans of every age around the globe. Thanks to the media, television shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing with the Stars,” dance inspired commercials, and movies like “Step Up,” dance is reaching a broader audience. Similarly, the internet has allowed us all to reach areas of the world where dance does not readily exist.

On the forefront of this new movement is – YOUR online dance community connection! First established in 2002, Boogiezone is known by thousands worldwide for offering a place where aspiring and professional dancers, choreographers, dance groups, and the fans that love them come to meet, greet, inspire, be inspired, network and build relationships in the process. Four years ago the concept of “Community” in the dance scene was unheard of. Now, Boogiezone is responsible for bringing groves of dancers together, known by many worldwide as the most active online dance community to join. The idea of Boogiezone and the massive grass roots movement which emerged from it has definitely influenced the way the entertainment industry runs and behaves.

Simply imagine a communication hub that bridges the gap between aspiring and professional dancers around the world. That is Boogiezone. The dance community hotspot where anyone who wants to share with others their passion for dance and performance can meet, greet, inspire, be inspired, make connections and build relationships in the process. Together, we represent a fresh, new, community comprised of passionate people, ready to take dance to the next level.

Currently, Boogiezone has over sixteen thousand registered members online, with thousands upon thousands visiting our pages every month. We can’t forget to include the thousands of subscribers who watch our extensive collection of nearly 1,900 class videos on Youtube and the hundreds of hungry students that fill our ten regularly scheduled Community Classes worldwide! As a result our community continues to grow at a remarkable rate. The attention we have received has enabled us to sponsor the largest dance competitions like “Hip Hop Interna­tional,” shows like ‘Groovaloo’, work with the largest dance conven­tions like “Monsters of Hip Hop” and partner with movie powerhouses like Lionsgate Films and Sony Pictures. We are also supported by the industry’s top talent agencies like MSA and Bloc, major dance studios like Millennium Dance Complex, dance groups like Quest Crew and countless choreographers to the stars like Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, and Mariah Carey.




Will Johnston has been training in dance since the age of four. Coming from San Jose, CA, he received the majority of his training at A.K.A Dance Company under the direction of Kelly and Alex Velasquez. Will graduated from the University of California: Irvine with a B.F.A in Dance Performance, a B.F.A in Dance Choreography, and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. While at UCI, he was a four-year member of the legendary Donald McKayle’s UCI Etude Ensemble as well as a performer in works by renowned faculty members Loretta Livingston, Jodie Gates, Lisa Naugle, and Israel “El” Gabriel. Will is also a member of Tayeh Dance Company, performing works choreographed by Sonya Tayeh, one of which premiered at the City Center in New York City in November 2009. In addition to performing for Tayeh, Will assisted the choreographer on season five of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance as well as the national commercial for ABC's Dancing with the Stars. Will’s passion also lies in the art of choreography. He has choreographed numerous works for local studios in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as for various UCI dance productions. He has had the honor of showcasing twelve works at UCI, one of which was invited to perform by former Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater member, Stephanie Powell, in Long Beach, CA. Most recently, Will along with co-choreographer, Jenna Otter, was awarded the Grand Prize Award at the prestigious Dancing Under the Stars Choreography Festival, in Palm Desert, CA, for their duet entitled "Amongst the Hedges." Currently, Will is a member of CADC, a teacher at the Team Millennia Dance Studio, the assistant director of Westside Dance Project, as well as Co-Director of Boogiezone’s contemporary company, ENTITY.


Ashley Paige, originally from San Jose California, has been studying dance since she was 6 years old. While living in Northern California she was a part of Teen Dance Company of the Bay Area and had the chance to work with many top choreographers including Carlos Jones, Mia Michaels, Tabitha and Napoleon DíUmo, and Jason Parsons. She then moved to Los Angeles and attended Loyola Marymount University and graduated in 2008 with a Bachelors Degree in dance and an emphasis in education. Since moving to LA Ashley has become a part of BARE Dance Company based in Orange County, run by creative director Mike Esperanza. After being signed with McDonald Selznick and Associates in 2006 she has worked in various areas of commercial dance as well. So far she has worked with such artists as Wayne Brady and Gladys Knight at the Hollywood Bowl, as well as Rihanna in the video ìUmbrellaî, and the 2008 Video Music Awards as a principle dancer in ìDisturbiaî. Ashley also worked with choreographer Margueritte Derricks in a commercial for the television drama Nip/Tuck. Most recently, Ashley has become a part of Boogiezone's newest contemporary company, Entity. Dance has been and will always be more than an art; for her, it is a seamless means of passionate expression and a never-ending learning experience.


Marissa Osato is the co-artistic director of Boogiezone’s new contemporary dance company, ENTITY, as well as the co-founder and host of the Boogiezone Contemporary Community Class. Marissa recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of California, Irvine with a B.A. in Dance and B.A. in Literary Journalism. She has danced with modern dance legend Donald McKayle’s repertory company, Etude Ensemble, Boogiezone’s professional hip hop team, BREED Dance Company, and Tessandra Chavez’s Unity LA. Marissa currently teaches at Team Millennia Dance Studio and Cutting Edge Dance Center and choreographs for various studios and teams across the United States. Her unique style fuses lyrical jazz, modern, and hip hop. Represented by DDO Artists Agency in Los Angeles, Marissa views dance as her avenue of impact. She is all about positivity, support, and shared inspiration!


Erica Michelle Sobol has spent a lifetimesofar studying performing arts in both New York and Los Angeles. She has earned a BA in dance-theater from Barnard College at Columbia University. She has created and trained with so many brilliant choreographers, including but not limited to: Gil Duldulao, Kevin Maher, Victor Rojas, Craig Hollamon, Matt Cady, Rhapsody James, and Tucker Barkley. Erica has worked as a master instructor at several dance studios all over the world, including Manhattan’s Peridance, LA’s Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, BDC in Tokyo, Japan and Skip on Guam. And she is on faculty at the Edge Performing Arts Center. Erica Michelle Sobol is the founder and artistic director of collidEdance, an ever-evolving professional dance company dedicated to blurring the line between dance and theater. Erica feels lucky, so lucky, to be inspired everyday.





“Fire Bomb”

“First Love” (Boogiezone class)

“Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart”


“Sex Therapy”

“High Price” (Boogiezone class)




APA in San Diego

APA in San Diego
Scholarship students from mid-2005 photoshoot.