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Being fun is more fun than not being fun, BY: Morgan McGreevey

Morgan McGreevey - San Diego DancerHi! My name is Morgan McGreevey, I’m 23 years old and I think dancing is the bees’ knees!

Long, long ago when I was still in high school, I came out of one of my dance classes in good ‘ol Dixon, California and for some reason my grandma was there watching class that day. She came up to me and said something along the lines of “Hey! You look really good! You should be a professional dancer!” (I’m sure it was in much more of a grandma-esque way but you get the point). Apparently that was all the convincing I needed because after that day my life has been all about dance.

Last Saturday I came out of my current dance home at APA with the biggest headache ever because I realized what this life change I made when I was fifteen years old was actually going to mean. I had just come out of having my mind seriously blown by this amazing person named Jodie Bowman, who is an agent from KSR (You can look up the info. I don’t feel like explaining it. Plus, I probably wouldn’t be very good at explaining it anyway).

I have always tried to be pretty realistic about myself as a dancer. When I decided that dancing is what I wanted to do I knew I wasn’t going to be in New York City Ballet or the winner of So You Think You Can Dance. I hadn’t been in ballet classes since I was five every single day but I love dancing.

I was a college bound senior, so I found this little gem of a dance department at UCSD. It was small and after four years I knew everyone and I’m pretty comfortable saying that I was one of the more advanced students in the program. We did a lot of gooey contemporary dancing. Lots of improv and rolling around on the floor. I loved it.

But here’s the thing, I love everything and I will do anything. So I have always thought that I would be ok with trying to make myself fit into the contemporary/modern scene. But when I started looking around at different choreographers, there weren’t a lot of people I could really see myself dancing with. There was always something wrong with each one. But everyone else always talked about how amazing they were so I tried really hard to like them anyway.

About a year ago I moved in with this stupid person who I absolutely hate and you should never be friends with him because he has absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Anyway, he can sing and dance and act and has Broadway written all over him. It’s disgusting. So I started being around musical theater a lot more and started singing in my car sometimes….ok maybe like ALL the time. We would go see a show and afterward I would come out feeling like I was floating on cloud nine and I would say “I wish I could do that”. And as soon as my disgusting roommate (ok we can name him: Matt) would say “you can, just freaking do it, stupid”, the excuse train would start coming out: I’ve never acted, I don’t know how to sing, what about my boyfriend…blah blah blah, crap crap and more crap. I would literally go home and cry because I wanted to do it so bad but I just didn’t see it happening.

I couldn’t stand floating along in the “I don’t know” pool anymore so I finally gave in and admitted to myself that I really want to move to New York and just kind of try out this dancing thing. Maybe for like a year or so. I could just like do workshops and stuff. I found APA and started taking a bunch of classes I hadn’t really been able to take in a while: tap, jazz and hip hop. I started taking singing lessons which, by the way, are super fun and the highlight of my week. Morgan McGreevey - Dancer-Singer-Actor

Fast forward a few months to the KSR audition (geez, finally I got back to the point. I should have been an actress because clearly I like to talk a lot). Anyways, I kind of just did it because I thought we were all supposed to since we were on scholarship. We did the dancing part which was fine. And then we had to sing…uhg. I had never done a singing audition before. I sang this really cutesy, dorky song because I look like a 12-year old so that’s pretty easy for me to do. And you know what? It wasn’t bad! They actually said I did pretty well! I literally leapt out of the room afterwards.

After everyone was done singing we had a Q&A with Jodie and I actually can’t tell you everything she said because my mind was in this psycho whirl wind throughout the whole thing. I just remember hearing her throw out names of famous people and musicals and amounts of money I DID NOT realize were conceivable for dancers. There was also a bunch of crap I didn’t understand at all. It was like she was speaking in this totally foreign language, All I know is I realized I didn’t know ANYTHING.

However I did realize that she was talking to us and to me like…..we were people who could like actually be on stage…in musicals….like on Broadway and stuff…like Morgan McGreevey singing and dancing on a stage…

PANIC. What have I been doing all this time?!?! I’m not serious or gooey. I like to be loud and annoying and tap and run around like an eight year old. Why didn’t I listen to Professor Allyson Green my freshman year when I was dressed up as the bearded lady doing a tap dance and she said: “Hey, you would be really good in musical theater.”


It finally all makes sense. Why am I trying so hard to be serious and intellectual? So people take me more seriously? Yeah right, like anyone takes people rolling around on the floor seriously. (No offense) I should just be Morgan. I’m pretty ok with it I guess. And people seem to like me….so if I just do the thing that people like about me…on stage….and get paid….and have a kick ass time….


So the moral to this story kids, is just freaking be yourself. I know that is like the most cheesy annoying cliché thing to say ever but it’s true. Do what you are good at doing. I would say why didn’t anyone tell me this before? But I would have a hundred people yelling at me that they have.

Omg I think I’m done. Thanks for stickin it out. I’m gonna go shuffle off to my car and sing along with some mormon kids.


Morgan McGreevey - Professional Dancer

By: Morgan McGreevey

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APA in San Diego
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