Tuesday, July 27, 2010

La Mesa get a "Performing Arts" boost with APA Studios

In the fall of 2009 long standing training facility ACADEMY OF PERFORMING ARTS-SAN DIEGO moves a few exits from Grantville/San Diego to La Mesa, CA. While APA "was" 2 exits West of SDSU in Grantville, it is again only a few exits from SDSU but this time it's to the East (off Fletcher Parkway). With this move APA is now in the La Mesa Crossroads complex 2 city block from downtown La Mesa, CA. It's been wonderful to have this new location with plenty of shops and restaurants right outside our front door. For students without cars, the trolley station is within walking distant (only a few city blocks away @ La Mesa Blvd).

A fantastic component with our move is having Discount Dance Supply in our complex. They're one of the largest distributors of dance supplies and it's the only DDS store in San Diego County (IN OUR COMPLEX). Just walk across the parking lot to get new shoes, leotards, tights, etc...
Within our new complex we've had the pleasure of welcoming the fresh new modern dance company community's: somebodies dance theater. For a list of all of the APA san diego dance companies in residence, visit: APA's San Diego Dance Companies We look forward to seeing this san diego dance company making it's mark.

somebodies dance theater: for PRESS RELEASE, click here.

DENNIS PHERMSIN: APA Studios' San Diego HIP HOP Dance Teacher Spotlight

APA is proud to bring more new energy to its' current staff withDennis Phermsin of FORMALity (a HIP HOP dance company).

Dennis Phermsin, better known as Dmagic, revolutionized the meaning of dancer/performer with his booty basics, power moves, and unforgettable stage presence. Little did he know that auditioning for San Marcos All-male back in 2000 (only to satisfy a simple request from a good friend, Jesse Sims) would forever change his lifestyle as he discovered his passion for dance - dancing with San Marcos from 2000-2004 and earning leadership as Captain. Unsurprisingly, Dennis was dubbed Mr. Street Dance in 2004. Dennis continued to hone his skills as he joined Formality (HIP HOP dance company) in 2003 and proudly represents the premier all-male group to this day as a seasoned member.

Further training under Culture Shock San Diego’s Sherman Shoate (for Hip Hop dance classes) and some of the best choreographers from LA’s Millenium Studio (Kenny Wormwald, Super Dave, and Marty Kudelka), Dennis is now on the rise as a multi-dimensional choreographer who stays up to date with the newest styles but always keeps the hip hop fundamentals of breaking, funk, locking, and popping. Dennis’s signature style features big movements that can be read on stage and fluid choreography. A former teacher at Studio 429 in Encinitas, Dennis now teaches at APA and StudioFX.

His words to live by: “Stay humble, Stay loyal, and stay true to your roots.”

For Dennis' classes please visit our website: CLICK HERE

Friday, July 23, 2010

Meditation workshop with Hari Yoga in La Mesa at APA Studios

”Meditation is a mysterious ladder which reaches from restless to abiding peace, from ignorance to knowledge. Meditation is considered the most important of all yoga techniques.”

Himanshu Kapoor (Hari)
This workshop provides……………
 Introduction in the basic techniques and theory fro beginning your meditation practice.
 Why meditate?
 How to establish meditation practice?
 How to develop concentration?
 How it balances emotions and peace of mind?
 Introduction to mantras – tools for mediation.

Aug. 29th 2010 Sunday – 1.00pm – 4.00pm

Advance $45.00 online now / At Door #55.00

APA Instructor Hari studied under the lineage of Swami Sivananda & Swami Vishnu-Devananda at the Sivananda Ashram, Kerela,India. At the completion of his studies Hari remained at the Ashram as a teacher for 5 additional years. His goal is to open his students to their own powers of healing and balance, and to integrate yoga into their everyday life.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Prana Fundamentals (in La Mesa, CA) with Hari YOGA

Here's a workshop designed to strengthen, purify, and balance the breath utilizing yogic technique.

Bring your own yoga mat along with your own towel
Loose and comfortable clothing is required
All the text material will be provided during the course.

Learn to direct your Prana
Learn to align your energies
Boost your energy and stamina
Counter tiredness
Relieve tension in your body
Enhance your ability to deal with stress
Bring vitality to your complexion and eyes
Boost your immunity
Promote self-healing
Increase concentration
Bring calmness and mastery of your emotions

Do I..................?
Do I breathe deeply and fully, using my full lung capacity?
Do I nourish my body and mind with prana in the form of clean air, healthy food and stimulating ideas?
Am I able to absorb the beauty around me? How does it strengthen me?
Do I tend to “bite off more than I can chew”? Does this deplete my prana?
Is my life chaotic? Is this because I am unable to direct my energy?
Do I permit people to drain me emotionally? Or do I drain other people’s prana by making unreasonable demands on them?
Do I waste time by being unfocused? Or do I allow others to waste my time?
Am I overly negative and self-critical?

New YOGA Classes, & Services at Academy of Performing Arts-San Diego, APA Studios

Pictured above: Dr. Rodriguez


APAStudios has added new
Classes & Services
Starting 7/12/10

  • YOGA:
    • Tues @ 7pm
    • Sat @ 9am
  • Health care Consultations with Dr. Rodriguez
    • For dancers and fitness enthusiasts (This is a complimentary service for all registered APA students/customers).
    • Tuesdays 5-8pm



APA in San Diego

APA in San Diego
Scholarship students from mid-2005 photoshoot.